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Anyone interested in doing an OK KO Let’s Be Heroes RP?
Even though I HATE Cartoon Network's schedule of airing TTG 170 times every single day. My reaction to it is "Kids will grow tired of it."
Anyone who is attending/graduated from SVA please give me tips on the requirements in creating an acceptable portfolio? I'm very passionate in taking cartooning as my major. And a creative field in character design.
In my opinion, I believe Cartoon Network needs to do an annual contest where they let their fans (especially the older fans who grew up watching the channel) be creative and pitch their own cartoons ideas to the network. Especially those who are young  inspiring animators, artists and writers. I'm an inspiring storyboard artist/character designer and would LOVE to pitch a few ideas of mine to the network
Anyone interested in doing a Penn Zero RP with me? OCs are allowed!
Anyone wanna do a Mighty Magiswords RP? OC are allowed!!
I had the strangest dream where Sausage Party had a 2D animated series, and it looks surprisingly good.
Sorry for the long 2 weeks hiatus, I was having computer problems and have to get a new one. But don't worry, I am back with more art coming up as soon as I reinstall Sai and Clip Studio into this PC. :)
Bad news everyone, as of right now I will not be able to upload any new digital art until hopefully my computer gets fixed which costs a fortune!! I wore it out from overusing it for hours everyday like a selfish dummy I am!! I wasn't thinking about my computer's needs, but myself! This also means all of my documents, saved artworks, Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Manga, Toon Boom everything will be deleted. I ordered Clip Studio Manga about two months ago and fortunately saved the registration license number on my email, but I don't know where I downloaded the full version (NO TRIAL) of Paint Tool Sai (It was a Win.Rar file) So if anyone know, please tell me in the comments below! NO VIRUSES OR SURVEYS!!!
But that wil not stop me from continuing on with making art, but it will be traditional sketches and photographed by my phone.
So yeah, my computer is at the hospital and will hopefully get better soon. I really don't have the money to get a new one. Just need to take a break from it once in a while to avoid this from happening again.
Hey guys, starting this Saturday morning , I will be on vacation. Leaving to go to the beach for a couple of days visiting family and will not take my phone with me, so I'll be inactive until Monday. Goodbye, I will miss you all and I hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day!!
The Rugrats Movie came out on the exact same day I was born! November 20th, 1998! How awesome is that?! 
I GOT CLIP STUDIO PRO!!!...Uh...okay? Does anyone got any tips on how to use this software? 
For the first twenty people who comment on this journal, I'll go into their gallery to pick the three pictures that I like the most and feature them here with a few words about the pictures I've chosen. If you comment, please do the same thing in your journal and put me into the first feature slot! The idea is not to get a free feature, but to spread the art around to everyone on DA to enjoy and love!


The Laughtrack Family by brandan97 Hatboy and Hatgirl: Birds And The Bees by brandan97 Clarissa and Friends 2016 Promo Card by brandan97

2. therandomrobloxian.deviantart.…

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?! by xXThe-Hetalian-JetXx ''Im Dog the Dankest Hero of Nearburg'' by xXThe-Hetalian-JetXx We are Angels, together we are one and a family by xXThe-Hetalian-JetXx

Yuki reupload  by coolcat12347 I wanna be like that red girl... by coolcat12347<da:thumb id="585842651"/>

penny's character development by gollyollie

Unibeaver by 3CrowArtistry Caldaraak by 3CrowArtistry One eye war machine by 3CrowArtistry

Jennifer and Friends by cherrymeringue Mary Sue Alliance by cherrymeringue Sally Foster Club Go! Main Characters by cherrymeringue

.:Jyushimatsu:. by h--idenka .:lost shoe sketch:. by h--idenka .:Osomatsu-San OC:. by h--idenka

8. enderdragonslayer.deviantart.c…
My Mane 8 by WolfyTheKitsune I Caught a Bipper! by WolfyTheKitsune Roxanne's Staring Contest by WolfyTheKitsune

Mina by xXTheCharmMinxXx Trey by xXTheCharmMinxXx Save This Poor Man by xXTheCharmMinxXx


Excersize Babe by PumpkinView Blez by PumpkinView AmiSans by PumpkinView

Lice Plushie On Paper by AssassinJ2 Richard's Lovers by AssassinJ2 1980s Chuey by AssassinJ2

Zim the Hipster by ZDarkZetaStar Armadillo Gunslinger by ZDarkZetaStar Skele-cowboy- Western Tale by ZDarkZetaStar

Dragon Bae by SpiderFingers15 Goblin by SpiderFingers15 Human Melody(along with Blaze!) by SpiderFingers15
Hey peeps, sorry I haven't been very active lately; I had testings and other very inportant school stuff to take care of. So since I'm back, anyone of you guys wanna do an Osomatsu-San RP? I am super bored right now!! If so, just comment below, then I'll send you a note. Yes, OCs are allowed and we can take turns being whoever we want; it's gonna be fun! 
Happy Valentine's day everybody, I hope you all are spending this day with love ones. This shoutout goes to all of the singles like me in the world, embrace your singleness! Spend this day eating chocolate while cuddling up with something you love like a stuffed animal or a blanket and enjoy yourself! You've earned it! 

Also Happy Black History Month! Learn something every day about the African American history and culture. There are a lot of facts you may not know about African American history that teachers never taught you in school. I am black, my ancestors were born in Africa, but was sent to America to be forced into hard labor as slaves. Many generations of my people being in pain because of the color of their skin...the beatings...the insults...the slavery...the racism...the KKK...the separation...the labeling...the genocide...but those things have not stopped us from achieving our goals as determined, educated, successful and free citizens! We have black doctors, black surgeons, black lawyers, black teachers, black entrepreneurs, black comedians, black artists, a black president! I am an educated black person who lives in the South, but my history still hasn't stopped me yet! Yes, I know it's 2016 and racism still exist, but it's my choice to ignore those racist haters! I do not participate in any violence. I am a black person with a strong dream of becoming an animator! Maybe the first African American female animator! Three art schools have already emailed me and sent letters about scholarships/summer programs, and one of them is CALARTS!!! FREAKIN' CALARTS!!! MY DREAM SCHOOL!!! You guys have no idea how shocked and excited I was that CalArts, the art institute with an acceptance rate of 5% wants me, an amateur artist attended their school! I almost had a heart attack after seeing their email in my mailbox! This motivates me to practice and improve my art skills! I am proud of being an African-American! And to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty! We are free at last!"
Hey, anyone want to do a MLP RP? I just created two new pony OCs yesterday and wanted to use them. (Also I am dying of boredom right now!) In this RP, your pony is a student at Ponyville University where you'll meet Lovejoy and Broadway Musical (more about them here Pony Roommates by BlackGeekyGirl ), wacky pony shenanigans are included. 
WELCOME TO 2016!!! I hope you all are having an awesome new year! 
Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays to all of yall! Hope everybody have an awesome christmas! I sure did! My gifts were mostly clothes (which I am very thankful for), 3 sketchbooks, a ton of art supplies,(LOOK OUT FOR TRADITIONAL ART ON THE WAY), an Inside Out poster (LOVE THAT MOVIE, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT), Cards Against Humanity (Oh god!), a $25 dollar VISA gift card (This my very first ever credit card! Super excited!), more money (who doesn't love money?), and an LG 4G phone (OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!) This was one of the best Christmas far, there are many more Christmases in the near future, Got everything you wanted? Tell me what Santa and your family got you this X-Mas in the comments below! 

This is my very first animation ever,  since I have no experience with animation whatsoever, I dearly apologies if you think this looks super crappy.  

(BTW Bobby Moynihan is PERFECT to voice Nerdy)

This meme was created by :iconassassinj2

  1. What's the name of your cartoon?

Marvel Mouse

  1. Describe what your intro would look like.

Probably some catchy electro-swing instrumentals (Haven't written lyrics to theme song yet. Can't think up any!)

  1. Would you want effort in the credits too?

Yes, maybe an end credit song sung by Marvel.

  1. Any celebrity voice actors?


Noel Wells (Lord Dominator, SNL) as Marvel Mouse

Bobby Moynihan (Panda, SNL) as Nerdy

Maurice Lamarche (The Brain) as Big Baby Manny

John DiMaggio (Jake the Dog, Bender) as Cheeseman (Marvel’s boyfriend)

Kristen Schaal (Mabel Pines, Louise Belcher) as Princess Prima Donna/Vana LaRiche

Grey Delisle Griffin (Daphne, Mandy, Vicky) as Aphrodite

Rob Paulsen (Yakko Warner, The Mask) Punchline the Clown

Kevin Michael Richardson (Cobra Bubbles, Captain Gantu, Trigon) as Death

Jack McBrayer (Wander, Irving, Kenneth Parcell) as Carl (Death’s son)  

Scott Menville (Sneezy, Robin) as Yo! Pizza/Bradley Opossum

Weird Al Yankovic as Radical Rat (Marvel’s male doppelganger)

Kate Micucci (Sadie, Velma) as Geeky (Nerdy’s female doppelganger)

Frank Welker (Doctor Claw) as Future Marvel

Patton Oswalt, (Nom Nom), Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants, Commander Peepers, The Ice King) and Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick Star) as The Cat Burglar Boys-Slick, Stretch and Louie respectively.

  1. Would any celebrities actually star in any episodes?

Yes, read the cast listing above! But I would totally love to have Adam DeVine or Amy Poehler playing a character in the show. :)

  1. Would you see yourself voicing any of the characters?

Yes, but only as minor background characters.

  1. What's the style and tone of your cartoon> (eg: Dark & Gritty; Bright & Colorful; etc.)

Perhaps a colorful & bouncy, modern day rubber hose inspired cartoon, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be episodes with THE FEELS! YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE THE FEEL!!!

  1. Do you already have ideas for episodes? Could you list a few?

I do have a few episode ideas. One of them is titled “Bad Baby Blues”. The episode is about Marvel babysitting her pint-sized nemesis Big Baby Manny while his mother is out.

  1. Would you want your animation to be budget efficient, or do you prefer throwing extra cash for some spectacular animation?

I want my animation to be budget efficient, but if the show become popular enough to earn extra money, I will use it for some MARVELOUS animation!

  1. If you chose the first, are there any running moments in the cartoon where you do want the Don Bluth-style animation?


  1. Hand-drawn or computers? Or a combination of the two?


  1. What will be the style of your background music?

It depends on the scene. (Like the chase scene or fight scenes can be jazzy swing)

  1. What TV channel would it be on?

         Cartoon Network

  1.  Does it appeal to a certain demographic?

All ages, bouncy and colorful for the kiddies, subtle comedy and morals for the teens and adults, style of a 90s-2000s cartoon for the nostalgic 90s-2000s lovers.   

  1.  Would you have any merchandise to come along? If so, like what?

Yes, I could really need the extra cash to help the show! Maybe those Funko Pop figurines, t-shirts, McDonald/Burger King/Wendy’s kids meal toys, video game(s)/online game(s), plushies, comic books, music soundtrack, etc.

  1. Do your episodes follow any formula?

Does the “Villain of the Week” trope counts as a formula?

  1. Who is your main protagonist? Or does it bounce off characters?


  1. Who is the main group of people that get focus?

Marvel and Nerdy almost every episode, some episodes focuses on other characters like the villains.  

  1. Villains or whatnot?

Marvel’s city is full of all kinds of villains.

  1. Any running gags?

A few per episode, a ton per season. Also Marvel LOVES to break the forth wall!  

  1. What is the consistency of the apparel your characters wear?; Do they wear the same clothes every episode?

Yes, Marvel does tend to change her outfit depending on the situation.

  1. Any references or crossovers to other media?

There will be funny, clever references to other media. The show LOVES to make fun of everything, including itself.

  1. Will it have pop culture references or adult jokes?

Oh, as many obscure references and adult jokes that would send Animaniacs a run for its money!

  1.  Will it strive more towards humor or storytelling, or will it be a perfect balance?

It will be a perfect balance.

  1. Would you ever want adaptations to other media (comics, video games, etc)?

 Yes, comics, video games, web series, etc.

  1. As creator of the show, would you want to be known for anything else?

Yes, I wanna be known for being a great animator and cartoonist also for Zoology a more down-to-earth, nostalgic animated series (compared to Marvel Mouse)  about an unlucky 11 year old puppy named Milo Barker (voiced by Charlyne Yi) and his delightfully hilarious misadventures with his classmates and family.

And my newest series, The Sadist Marshmallows; to describe the show, it’s like if you violently stuffed Panty and Stockings and Dick Figures inside a blender than add a crap load of Kill La Kill and a teaspoon of Dexter’s Laboratory with a tiny drop of My Little Pony, and Ren and Stimpy to add the extra diabetes and grossness!  I mean who wouldn’t love to see a trio of sugary cute 18-20 year old girls violently killing monsters! They're in a pop band!  Just please DO NOT let your kids watch the series!

  1. Would some episodes take a different tone?

Oh yeah!

  1. Would the characters ever break out into song? How much?

Yeah, "oddly" it’s usually Marvel. Unless if it’s a villain song. At least one per episode (Like Phineas and Ferb!)

  1. What usually goes on in the cartoon?

Nonsense…majority of the time it’s just random nonsense.

  1. What's your take towards certain things in the cartoon products of the time?

Yes people, it is possible to have a female character as the main protagonist, especially an funny one!

  1. How would your show be advertised on TV?


  1. Are there any cartoons that you want your cartoon to be like in any way?

Yes, I would love Marvel Mouse to be a combination of Animaniacs and Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

  1. What about anime references or tropes?

Too many to list!

  1. Would you want any shorts (be it during commercials or during the episodes)?

Yes, that would be pretty fun to make.

  1.  Are there any parody products in the show?

Uhh…a Macintosh is called a MacinCheese

Good, now tag your friends that also have cartoon ideas.